Friday, September 03, 2010

NYC 72-hour Plan, pt. 2

bklyn flea fig. a: Brooklyn Soda Works soda at work

Brooklyn Flea + Saltie + Fette Sau

We've written about the pleasures of Brooklyn Flea, culinary and otherwise, before, but we were even more impressed this time around. All of our old friends were there, but there seemed to be more of everything, and virtually everything looked really good, from the lobster rolls to the smoked brisket sandwich. We were in the mood for a breakfast burrito or some breakfast tacos, but, instead, we got taken in by a big, beautiful breakfast huarache with all the trimmings.

We also got taken in by Brooklyn Soda Works' lime, cilantro, mint, and chile (reputedly inspired by the legendary Sripraphai in Queens). Now that's a soda that'll get up and talk to you.

saltie 1 fig. b: inside Saltie

A couple of hours later, we made our way to Williamsburg so that I could take Michelle to Saltie for the very first time. I'd fallen head-over-heels in love with Saltie on my first visit, and I was pretty sure that Michelle would be smitten too. She was. Totally. From the cantaloupe cooler right down to the Scuttlebutt. Plus, it just looks and feels right.

fette sau fig. c: inside Fette Sau

We hadn't really intended to turn lunch into a doubleheader, but we passed Fette Sau on our way to Saltie, and we found that bbq smoke ever so enticing. You know those cartoons where a delectable aroma wafts its way over to an unsuspecting soul, twists and winds its way into the poor sap's nostrils, and then literally reels him in? Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but I find it hard to say 'no' to real hardwood smoke (in this case, a blend of red & white oak, maple, beech, and cherry).

We'd already eaten, so we just ordered ourselves a tasty little sampler: some brisket, some ribs, and a side of coleslaw. The brisket was the best I'd had since Hill Country--never mind that it was the only brisket I'd had since Hill Country, it was succulent, smoky, and satisfying, and it tasted great sandwiched in those Martin's Potato Rolls. The St. Louis-style pork ribs were meaty and smoky and prepared just the way we like them, "dry." The coleslaw was surprisingly unconventional--almost hippyish--but all the better for it. Authenticity ain't the mother of invention.

bushwick styles fig. d: inside Bushwick



Imagine getting invited to a wedding in Bushwick. Imagine the wedding is a mere 1/2 block from Roberta's. Imagine the wedding is kind of a late-afternoon/early-evening affair and it lets out relatively early. Roberta's is open till midnight. Use your imagination.

Brooklyn Flea, two locations: Saturdays in Fort Greene (outdoors), Sundays in Downtown Brooklyn (indoors)

Saltie, 378 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn (Williamsburg), (718) 387-4777

Fette Sau, 354 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn (Williamsburg), (718) 963-3404

Roberta's, 261 Moore St., Brooklyn (Bushwick), (718) 417-1118


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