Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye, 2009! (Hello, 2010!)


Andrea Nguyen, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

Andrea Nguyen, Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China

Fuchsia Dunlop, Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes From Hunan Province


Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren, A16

Reed and Reed, Holy Smoke

spice hunters

Ethné & Philippe de Vienne, Spice Hunters

A.S. Byatt, Possession

Hans Fallada, Every Man Dies Alone

Roberto Bolaño, The Savage Detectives

Atul Gawande, “The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas Town Can Teach Us About Health Care,” The New Yorker

Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

Errol Morris, “The Case of the Inappropriate Alarm Clock” (Parts 1-7), The New York Times

Marion Cran, The Story of My Ruin

Dirk Bogarde, A Particular Friendship

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Malcolm Gladwell, “Offensive Play: How Different Are Dogfighting and Football?,” The New Yorker

Werner Herzog, Conquest of the Useless

David Grann, “Trial By Fire: Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?,The New Yorker


David Chang and Peter Meehan, Momofuku

Gourmet: The Magazine of Good Living (R.I.P.)

Moving images

Bright Star, dir. Campion


Che, pt. 1: The Argentine, dir. Soderbergh

The Informant!, dir. Soderbergh

Fantastic Mr. Fox, dir. Anderson

Gomorrah, dir. Garrone

Friday Night Lights, season one

Tyson, dir. Toback

The Wrestler, dir. Aronoff

The Best of Everything, dir. Negulesco

Mad Men, season two

Broken Flowers, dir. Jarmusch

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, dir. Fassbinder

In a Lonely Place, dir. Ray

Il Divo, dir. Sorrentino

Duplicity, dir. Gilroy

Wendy & Lucy, dir. Reichardt

The Hurt Locker, dir. Bigelow

The Class, dir. Cantet

Border Incident, dir. Mann

Tokyo Story, dir. Ozu

Tokyo-Ga, dir. Wenders

Happy Go Lucky, dir. Leigh

Standard Operating Procedure, dir. Morris

Only Angels Have Wings, dir. Hawks

I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang, dir. LeRoy

Captains Courageous, dir. Fleming


Witchies, self-titled EP

pink mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops, Outside Love

V/A, Dirty French Psychedelics, esp. Dashiell Hedayat, “Long Song for Zelda,” Brigitte Fontaine, "Il Pleut," Bernard Lavilliers, "Les Aventures Extraordinaire d'un Billet de Banque," and Karl-Heinz Schäfer & Arabian, "Utopia"

Tapestry, Down By Maple River

Sonic Youth, The Eternal

Alice Coltrane, Journey Into Satchidananda

africa boogatwo

V/A, Africa Boogaloo: The Latinization of West Africa

Moonface, Dreamland EP

Bob Dylan, New Morning

Wilco, self-titled LP

V/A, AEB 1980s Dance Party, vol. 1: Salad Days

Handsome Furs, "Radio Kaliningrad"

The Kinks, “Strangers”

Bert Jansch, The Black Swan

Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)"

Abner Jay, True Story of Abner Jay

V/A, Psych Funk 101

Sunset Rubdown, Dragonslayer

endless boogie 1

Endless Boogie, Focus Level

Food & Drink

moules à la Bonne Humeur

alphonsos & yogurt

Alphonso mangoes

red flannel hash

red beans & rice

red peas & rice


soto ayam

homemade bánh mì

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, Waterbury, VT

Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT

Myriade, Montreal, QC

strongtree's lekempti

Strongtree, Hudson, NY

Fleisher’s, Kingston NY

Dic Ann’s, Montreal, QC

Cuisine Mas, Montreal, QC

Laloux, Montreal, QC

Parker Pie Company, West Glover, VT

Convivio, New York, NY

Co., New York, NY

Motorino, Brooklyn, NY

Libretto, Toronto, ON

Gilead Café, Toronto, ON

Dépanneur Le Pick Up, Montreal, QC

The Alchemist, Waterbury, VT

Hen of the Wood, Waterbury, VT

Oscar’s, Warrensburg, NY

W.W. Boyce Farmers’ Market, Fredericton, NB

The Whalesbone Oyster House, Ottawa, ON

Hawaï, Ville St-Laurent, QC

Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon, St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC

AEB’s Montreal Restaurant of the Year: Qing Hua


“Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

instant karma

“Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko,” Musée des Beaux Arts, Montreal, QC

"Actions: What You Can Do With the City," Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, QC

Kaaterskill Falls, NY

(do the) Camel's Hump, VT

things are looking up

Happy New Year!

little twin stars

m & aj

ps--Oh, yeah: AEB's cartoon of the year:

New Yorker, 5/11/2009

(Ward Sutton, The New Yorker, May 11, 2009)

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