Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top Ten #28

witchies fig. a: Witchies: now I know how Joan of Arc felt

1. Witchies, s/t E.P.

2. In a Lonely Place, dir. Ray

3. moules à la bonne humeur

made in canada fig. b: Tapestry: made in Canada

4. Tapestry, Down By Maple River

5. The Wrestler, dir. Aronofsky

6. M.F.K. Fisher, As They Were

7. soto ayam

into the vietnamese kitchen fig. c: self-explanatory

8. Andrea Nguyen, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

Setsuko Hara fig. d: Setsuko Hara/Noriko

9. Tokyo Story, dir. Ozu + Tokyo-Ga, dir. Wenders

10. Cuisine Mas


Anonymous said...

This is so not food related (though the film title might imply otherwise), but have you guys seen Huston's Fat City? Seems like it might have been an influence on Aronofsky/The Wrestler.

aj kinik said...

I watched it on your recommendation, not long after you posted this comment--Raging Bull's a more obvious influence, but you're definitely onto something--I'd always wanted to see Fat City--thanks for the reminder