Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My girlfriend went to Toronto, Canada and all she got me...

toronto canada fig. a: Toronto SkyDome

...was this awesome postcard...

ontarian 3-year-old cheddar fig. b: farmhouse cheddar

...some lovely Ontario 3-year-old cheddar...

one day in the life fig. c: one day in the life of Michelle Marek

...and some seriously hot tips:

Manic Coffee, 426 College St., (416) 966-3888--m: "The best coffee ever! The best! Ever!"

Golden Turtle, 125 Ossington St., (416) 531-1601--m: "Everything was huge, perfectly seasoned, and really fresh tasting, but for some reason they were out of pho [ed: which they're famous for, apparently] so I ordered a spicy, fragrant beef and lemongrass soup instead."

Gandhi, 554 Queen St. W., (416) 504-8155--m: "Huge East Indian rotis! Excellent dough, really soft..."

Jumbo Empanadas, 245 Augusta Ave., (416) 977-0056--m: "Oh, that was good... Great empanadas--I had one cheese and one vegetable--and the best salsa!"

and for more information about Toronto's best postcards click on this



Vincci said...

I think it's cute how Michelle seems to be on a first name basis with Yung Chang. (Btw, his film was great!)

Also, I just wanted to let you know that the Tribune story's been printed: http://media.www.mcgilltribune.com/media/storage/paper234/news/2008/04/01/Features/Where.To.Go.In.The.Blogosphere-3294975.shtml

Anonymous said...

Gandhi's is indeed the best thing ever... Anyone know of something similar in montreal?

my personal favorite; The saag paneer roti, med. spiced.... oh god, delicious...