Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I should add...

...that Michelle balanced out the macabre side of the Czech Easter tradition by using her 1970s lamb mold

lammikins fig. a: Kaiser lammform

to carry out an experiment in the manufacture of Paschal lambs.

lamm mold und lamm fig. b: positive & negative

She was so pleased with the result that she gave her latest creation that she iced it, decorated it, and gave it to our friend S. for his birthday last week. And, wouldn't you know it, a day or two later Lammikins showed up on Facebook:

lamm 1 fig. c: Lammikins



CWI said...

michelle!!! that looks amazing. how did you ice it so perfectly?

michelle said...

Um, failed seven-minute icing (too small a batch for the mixer) which refused to fluff and so ended up kind of melting onto the lamb, with amazing results! Who knew?

CWI said...

i love happy accidents. i hope you will be able to repeat it because you've invented a potential new classic.

Anonymous said...

in my family, the lambs get the shaved coconut treatment to mimic fleece and a pink jellybean for the nose. yours looks much classier!

Leigh said...

you're right - slightly sinister, but in a good way!Slice of lammikin, anyone?