Friday, December 07, 2007

Top Ten #22

1. No Country For Old Men, dir. Coen


2. Una Pizza Napoletana, NYC

3. Di Fara, Brooklyn

4. Franny's, Brooklyn

5. Joanne Hendricks, NYC

6. Peter Pan Doughnuts, Brooklyn

7. Saigon Bakery, NYC

8. Egg, Brooklyn + Col. Newsom's country ham, Kentucky

fit for a king


9. Fit For a King: The Merle Armitage Book of Food, Ramiel McGehee, ed. + The Cornucopia, being a kitchen entertainment and cookbook containing good reading and good cookery from more than 500 years of recipes, food lore &c. as conceived and expounded by the great chefs & gourmets of the old and new worlds between the years 1390 and 1899 now compiled and presented to the public in a single handsome and convenient volume, Judith Herman and Marguerite Shalett Herman

10. Lomzynianka, Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

You managed to hit two of my neighborhood favorites - Peter Pan and Lomzynianka. Good work!

aj kinik said...

Hi Lauren,
All I can say is that you live in a great neighborhood and you clearly have great taste--both of those places were amazing. We have an excellent Polish eatery near us here in Montreal, but Lomzynianka was truly phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan is one of the modern-day wonders of the world, as far as I'm concerned. I brought Mark some fried chicken when we visited in November, but next spring I'll bring a large box of sour cream old fashioneds and tell him to share with you guys.