Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten #15


1. Joanna Newsom, Ys
2. The Queen, dir. Stephen Frears
3. Bottega Pizzeria

dneska varim ja

4. Jitka Bodlakova, Dneska Varim Ja
5. Bill Fay Group, Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow
6. Bill Buford, Heat
7. Caffè Della Posta
8. V/A, Love is Love (R&B, Highlife, and Dry Guitar Music from Africa)

this is what it is like to be like this

9. Stephen Ellwood, This Is What It Is Like To Be Like This
10. Rum Punch & Milk Punch



Mark Slutsky said...

I'll trade you "The Rough Guide to West African Gold" or "Golden Afriques" vols 1 or 2 for "Love is Love.

aj kinik said...

How 'bout vols 1 AND 2? And, while you're at it, throw in a Michelob Light.