Sunday, September 18, 2005

"It's better with buckwheat!"

At this point in time I think it's safe to say that we're in love with Birkett Mills. We loved the town of Penn Yan, NY, the town that Birkett Mills calls home. We loved the old mill buildings there, the massive griddle that graces the side of the main building, and the story of Birkett Mills' brief reign as the manufacturer of the world's largest pancake. We love their packaging. We love their Bessie brand Unbleached Pastry Flour and the fantastic crusts it produces [more on this later]. And after this morning's buckwheat pancake feast, it's official, we love Birkett Mills' Puritan Self-Raising Buckwheat Pan Cakes mix, too.

Open up Birkett Mills' Retail Product Catalog and you'll find a two-page spread on "Buckwheat's Best-Kept Secrets." These include "two-pronged protection" against cancer, anti-cholesterol and antioxidant qualities, its status as "the best know grain source of high-quality protein," and its powers as an aid to digestion. Later on in the booklet there's a short capsule on Mark Twain and his disappointment with European cuisine during his 1878 tour, all because--you guessed it!--he "couldn't find the one American staple his homesick taste buds hankered for most...BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES!"

All you really need to know is that Birkett Mills' Puritan Self-Raising Buckwheat Pan Cakes mix is the very best pancake mix (of any kind) we've ever come across, and it's produces one of the very best pancakes I've ever had. I love buckwheat pancakes, but, let's face it, a good buckwheat pancake is about as hard to find as a good pancake, probably even harder. All we had to do was mix 3/4 cup of water with 1 cup of the pancake mix, then "bake" them in a medium-hot pan, and minutes later we had the lightest, most delicious buckwheat pancakes I've ever had. Perfect with maple syrup.

The secret is Birkett Mills' "Pure Stone Ground Old-Fashioned Buckwheat Flour," their perfectly balanced ingredients, and the fact that there's no unnecessary additives. And remember, Birkett Mills has been around since 1797; they've had the time to get their formulas just right.

another satisfied customer
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Birkett Mills' Puritan Self-Raising Buckwheat Pan Cakes mix even passed the toughest test of all: our man Ivan. That's right, they're kid-approved, too. Ivan absolutely loved them. He loved them so much that after he finished his last pancake I thought he might just keep going and knock off his plate, too, just to make sure he got ever last remaining fleck of pancake.

Birkett Mills' Puritan Self-Raising Pan Cakes mix retails for $2.40 for a 2 lb. bag, and $4.45 for a 4 lb. bag (both prices U.S.). Birkett Mills also manufactures "Wolff's" brand kasha products, "Pocono, Heart of Buckwheat" brand 100% buckwheat products, The Birkett Mills Buckwheat Cookbook, "Multex" brand Buckwheat Hull Mulch for your garden, and All Natural Buckwheat Hull Pillows for your bed.

You can contact them via:
1) mail: The Birkett Mills, P.O. Box 440, Penn Yan, NY 14527
2) phone: (315) 536-3311
3) fax: (315) 536-6740
4) internet:



Anonymous said...

Your buckwheat pancakes look quite different from "ployes" but I bet that there were just as good !!!

Anonymous said...

That looks so much better than the sad bowl of Cheerios I'm going to eat in the morning...

aj kinik said...

I can't really remember what a real ploye [a savory buckwheat pancake native to Eastern Quebec and French-speaking New Brunswick] tastes like, to tell you the truth. I'm way overdue for another tasting--I think the last time I had one was at the Folk Life Festival on the Mall one 4th of July when I was still a teenager. So I can't really compare, but all I can say is that Birkett Mills' buckwheat is really fine.

As for buckwheat pancakes vs. Cheerios: just think to yourself, "What would Mark Twain have preferred?"